Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It Doesn't Take Much

It doesn't take much
just the touch
of a kitten's rough tongue
or a soft, warm blanket
or my lover's hand in mine
to bring me back to the present moment.

It doesn't take much
just the sight
of pink tinged clouds in flight
or autumn leaves floating down
or dappled sunlight caressing the earth
to remind me that I am home.

It doesn't take much
just the sound
of a songbird's call
or wind rushing through the trees so tall
or my dog's definitive bark
to reignite the wonder of being alive.

It doesn't take much
just the smell
of coffee brewing
or bread baking
or soup simmering on the stove
to reawaken gratitude for life's blessings.

It doesn't take much
just the taste
of the ocean's salty kiss
or chocolate on my lips
or a tomato straight from the vine
to know that inner peace can be mine.

Come back to the present moment.
Remember, you are home.
Reignite your wonder of being alive.
Reawaken to life's blessings.
Know that inner peace can be yours.

Noticing the simple things,
practicing mindful gratitude,
with All Love to you and your journey,

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Heavy Heart, Hopeful Heart

Heavy hearts
Heavy hearts
beating together as one.
Heavy hearts
Heavy hearts
when will the end come?
of suffering
of violence
of racism
of hate
I fear that it may be too late
to undo the damage done to date
with a heavy, heavy heart.

Hopeful hearts
Hopeful hearts
I want you all to know
Hopeful hearts
Hopeful hearts
with love our peace will grow.
Not with just one or with two
but collectively seeing one another will do
the trick to turn back the tide
from suffering to joy
from violence to peace
from racism to equality
from hate to love
with these things we will rise above
and create a world we are proud of
with a hopeful, hopeful heart.

How do we maintain our focus on love when there is hatred and terror on every far reach of the globe and innocent people are being gunned down all over the world in the name of this hate? How do we keep our calm when there are people suffering and receiving death threats on our own college campuses because of the color of their skin? How do we stay positive when friends and family members are suffering within their own lives due to mental illness, relationship issues, or physical illness? How do we maintain our groundedness when women and children are being abused in silence every single day? The world can seem so heavy at times and darkness engulfs us, weighing us down and making it hard to see what is good and what is pure and whole.
We are in a time of turmoil, but our inner state doesn't have to match the outward chaos in the world. That is the thing. The more we can cultivate the light within us, finding our source of inner peace, love, and goodwill towards all living beings, the more we can take that light out into the world and sow hope where there is despair. 
The upcoming weeks and months will see more suffering and actions taken by those in power that either work towards a world we are proud of or their actions will add to the darkness. It is up to us as individuals to ban together and create a warm glow of unconditional love towards ourselves and our loved ones, towards those we do not know and those we have conflict with, and towards the whole world. By sending out this metta, this loving-kindness, we are sending out our hope and bit by bit we are turning the tide.

All love,

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Call to Action

You are a Child of the Universe
and the stars smile in your presence.

You have the power in
the sound of your voice
the truth behind your words
the intention within your actions,
to harm or to heal
to undermine or to unify
to cause the soul to deepen or to fall into despair.

Align yourself with your highest purpose
and live from your place of Divine Wisdom.

The sun will shine on you
and moonbeams will dance through your hair
radiating the light that you are
warming all those around you
in the embrace of Unconditional Love.

Humbly Yours,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Emerging from the Fog

A morning fog sweeps across the land
as I lift the fog that has clouded my mind.
Hazy visions of what's mine to do
appear with greater clarity.
Fuzzy ideas on how things should be
dissolve with keen insight into reality.
Spaciousness emerges out of the clutter.
Purpose replaces confusion.
Readiness holds residence where there was hesitation.
I'm now willing to act from a place of my own knowing.

In Satya...In Truth,

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Yoga: What a Beautiful Way to Say I Love You

Yoga: What a beautiful way to say I love you to yourself. What an honest way to come back home. 

I discovered this after just fifteen minutes of yoga asana and pranayama the other day following a two-week hiatus filled with sickness and stress. You would think that I should know better, having practiced yoga for almost twenty years and with over 300 hours of training as a yoga teacher, but as we's a practice.

Just to breathe and intentionally notice the breath within my body for that moment felt like coming back home to myself. To feel the strength and lengthening of my muscles, ligaments, and limbs was such a gift. It was such a grounding force with so much uncertainty in my life right now.

THIS is the yoga I believe in. THIS is the yoga I share with my students. Yoga in the west seems to have become some sort of image or status based affair, when really it's a practice of coming back home to your true self, regardless of what brand of pants you're wearing at the time.
My morning practice in jeans, slouchy fleece socks, and without a mat. My dog didn't seem to mind.
Yoga isn't about getting fit or accomplishing the next hardest pose, although those things will happen naturally with a consistent practice. Yoga is a method of returning home to yourself and saying, "Hi, you. I love you. I'm here." It's a gift of awareness and presence that we give ourselves. The beauty of it is by giving ourselves these gifts, we are then able to allow these gifts to spill out into other areas of our lives - to our partners, children, friendships, work, and creative pursuits. We can honestly then say this to others with a grounded presence, "Hi, you. I love you. I'm here."

It doesn't take several hours a day, or even an hour a day...although that is lovely if you have it. Awareness is within each breath. It's literally a breath away.

  • If you have five minutes while the coffee is brewing, you have five minutes to use ujjaii breath, do a few sun salutations, and with presence you can say, "I'm here." 
  • If you are stuck in traffic, you have a few moments to engage in dirga (3-part) breath, practice a few seated cat/cow's or shoulder rolls, and tell your body and yourself "Hi, you. I love you."
  • If you are laying with your little ones at bedtime, you can move into child's pose or intentionally practice savasana (corpse pose). Allow your exhales to lengthen and deepen and breathe out the stress of the day, returning home to yourself. 
May moments in your day be filled with awareness and a sense of returning home again and again.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Allowing Life's Energy to Flow

Admittance, in technical terms, is defined as "the reciprocal of the impedance of a circuit". If this circuit is the flow of my own energy in the universe, no wonder this word is speaking to me today! 

One week ago we made the decision to rent out the house we've lived in for almost ten years in town and move into the country on a rental property with 30 acres, lake, solar powered cabin, and opportunities for homesteading. It's a dream come true to try out this lifestyle in a way that is less of a commitment than buying land outright. 

The catch is that within this past week, I've found a couple to rent our place, repainted all 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, bought and coordinated installation of new carpet, microwave, stove, windows, and blinds, sold a ton of stuff we didn't want to take with us online, packed up most of our house, cleaned, and prepared for us to move out next week. I've been sleeping an average of five hours a night and working non-stop from 5am-11pm every day. To say I've burned the candle at both ends is an accurate (although not super creative) metaphor. Hey, I'm sleep deprived and stressed, so creative metaphors aren't flowing to me as easily. And there lies the problem...

The catch is that I cannot "make" others move at my frantic pace I've set to do everything that needs done within such a short time frame. I can't "make" the place we thought we were going to stay let us stay there until our cabin is available for us to move in. I can't "make" anything happen, really...even if I do try to trick the process by calling it "allowing", while I mentally hold on tight to the details and the outcome.

I'm admitting I cannot do it all and I'm letting go. In this admittance, I'm unblocking the conduit of energy around and within me. In an article about electrical circuits I came across, conductance is explained as "the measure of how much a circuit conducts current." It "represents the ease of which electrons may flow." If I myself am a conduit of Divine energy, my conductance of that energy is greatly increased when not blocked. When I'm not trying to force things to happen. When I'm not holding onto the outcome. When I'm not impeding the process by my own idea that I can "make" things happen. The measure of life's energy flow is increased when I'm open and actually allow. When I admit that I don't have all of the answers.

This process reminds me a lot of birth. I feel like I'm in the transition phase of birthing this new lifestyle for myself and my family. One can have a birth plan. One can vision what they want to happen and stay open to the unfolding journey. But, when a woman...or doctors or nurses...start trying to "make" things happen with birth, that's when there's blocks and impedance of the current. By trusting that this life transition has it's own timing that isn't in my control, just as I did with my baby's birth, I can watch with wonder as it unfolds and allow the Divine timing to flow with ease. I can listen to the whispers or shouts of my intuition guiding me on my next move, my next inhalation, my next exhalation. 

I wrote in my journal a couple months ago, "Make me a conduit of Divine Love." During this transition phase, I'm reminded that this Divine Love is not just for others, but for myself as well. You and I both have permission to exhale. We have permission to slow down and admit that we can't do everything all at once. By admitting, we unblock the creative current of life and allow energy to flow with greater ease. 

All love,

Friday, October 16, 2015


Divine Mother wants to give me what I vision.
She is ready with open arms to bestow her gifts.
I let fear and doubt fall away and open my heart to receive them.
We both smile at the abundance that Love provides.